Reflections on my Enquiry Project

My Personal Reflections.

This was a wonderful assignment where I needed to think and map out the process that would  best work on my Presentation.  Believe strongly in the Flipped Learning in the Classroom (link listed below with many Podcasts on this subject that you can listen to.  This process of learning is innovative, student centred and is very much active learning. My experience of doing this assignment definitely falls under all the categories listed above.

Flipping the Classroom

Did it give me Empathy towards my Students?

This assignment gives me a better understanding of what my students go though in this process.

  • They have to decide what topic they want to present on.
  • They become Student-Centred Active Learners in searching for the information using a Search Engine on the Internet, going to the link to see if that Web Page is relevant to their topic.  Asking questions and getting answers from people working in that occupation/career.  For example; Doctors, Nurses, Elementary Teachers, etc.  Going to the Library to search for books related to their topic.
  • My empathy is constant for all Courses that I have taught and will teach in the future, since I want my students to feel that the Instructor/Facilitator is always there to help them in their learning process.  My Passion and Primary Goal is for them to learn and succeed!

Did Students become Innovative?

The assignment that I had completed definitely required me to be Innovative in this process of  finding the relevant information to create on my slides.  My experience with my previous students who have created and finished MS Powerpoint Presentations is that they are innovative  in this process without them even knowing this.  Reason being is that they are so engaged in this process that is not important in their eyes.

How will it make me a better Teacher!

Since I am always passionate in my Teaching that I am emphatic to the needs, problems that students will face in their learning process and always there to give them one on one support (that is if the class in not too large but if it is deal with this in small groups).  This helps them in successfully completing those tasks.  For me to be a better teacher I should always embrace new ways of teaching as we had discussed in student centred approaches and the flipped learning classroom.


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