Computer Applications in Webquest

The webquest article is lacking in much information provided on this topic and is out of date but is useful to me that when I create a Webquest on this topic I would definitely update the tabs on the left hand side of the page – these being;

  • Welcome Link – I would provide more modern graphic and of course me being the author would be changed.
  • Introduction – Would be reworded so it is relevant to today.
  • Tasks – Assignments and Projects would be related to the Course ie: Health Unit Clerks.
  • Process – Would modernize desktop graphic and the assignment link would be used only for the Application Assignments applicable to the topic.
  • Evaluation – Would consider staying with a Rubric or that is what is listed in my Course Outline and Learning Outcomes.
  • Conclusion – Would change wording to make it more professional.

Another avenue is creating from a Webquest Template.

This way I can create a Webquest for example “Computer Applications” which would be used as a Resource for all Courses that I teach.  This Template is an excellent tool where you can just put in the relevant information under the following tabs.

Home Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Teachers.

I could use a different Webquest Template for this for MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint.

Other examples of Webquest Computer Application sites that have been created are;

From all the information gathered and incorporated from these links I can create a Professional Webquest that has information from my Learning Outcomes and Course Outline.  The purpose of my Webquest is towards creative and engaged learning of my students. They can be more comfortable by using one of the teachnological tools available to them.  In conclusion I can see that Webquest is a valuable tool that I can use in the classroom.


One thought on “Computer Applications in Webquest

  1. It is an interesting idea to create a webquest that could be used with a variety of student groups…would there be pieces that would have to change to make it work? I can see this as a valuable tool for both yourself and students to come back to over and over again, especially for applications that may not be used often. Great idea.


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