The Flipped Classroom! Tips for integrating moments of Reflection by Barbi Honeycutt and Sarah Egan Warren.

This article about the “Flipped Classroom” is a busy, collaborative and social place.  We could say that it is a place where “Extroversion, Collaboration and Teamwork” are highly valued.

  • I find that when I teach  Powerpoint, the students are in Groups talking, creating and putting their Presentations together.  This is a very good example of what is said in the paragraph above from this Article.

Many flipped learning strategies seem to favor the extravert (leading a class discussion, brainstorming as a group etc.)  Introverts prefer to work independently and solitude can be a catalyst to innovation, some of the best ideas may come from a student who works on a creative task by himself/herself but does not share it with his/her group.

  • In my MS Office Assignments they are given the option of working on it by themselves especially in MS Word and MS Excel.  In MS Powerpoint many students wish to do their Projects by themselves.

If we never give the students an opportunity to reflect or work individually in the flipped space, then we are doing them a disservice to both introverts and extroverts.  All students benefit from reflection, not just introverts.  Reflection allows students time to pause, think, make connections and work through an idea before others have any input or criticism.

  • I encourage my students to use this approach in all assignments.  Most of the time I receive positive input from the students and receive positive results.

So what can we do? To start the conversation we can integrate three strategies to integrate reflection into the flipped classroom.  The first one I will explain and the other two you can read up in the article.  1. Think, Write and Share – This adds more time for the individuals work and reflection. 2. Writing Prompts and 3. SWOT Analysis.

  • Think, Write , Share is very effective in my classes but will consider applying the other two in future classes.


This opens my eyes to other ways of me influencing future courses in “Flipping the Classroom.”


One thought on “The Flipped Classroom! Tips for integrating moments of Reflection by Barbi Honeycutt and Sarah Egan Warren.

  1. this topic has also opened my eyes to new ways of teaching in the future. so your not alone this was a great read and topic. i agree that flipping the classroom may not work for all students but worth trying, allowing students to chose I think is the right choice.


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